Leveraging Partnerships for Real-World Racing Success

This week you will learn how content creator Super GT leveraged partnerships to help him transition from sim racing to the real thing.

You will also get a tour of the esports arena at PRI, learn how F1 use virtual 3rd cars and much more. It is all in this week’s edition of the Sim Racing Roundup on Motorsport Prospects.

From Sim Racing to the Real Thing

Leveraging Partnerships for Real-World Racing Success

Thomas Harrison-Lord looks at how content creator Steve Alvarez Brown (Super GT) is transferring his skills in sim racing to the real thing and how partnerships are the keys to his success.

The project sets a precedent. Faced with an ever-increasing list of socio-economic hurdles, justification for racing involvement at a corporate level is proving challenging. Sure, Formula 1 is arguably at the peak of its commercial powers, but other series are feeling the squeeze. But it seems like some businesses have cracked it – what if they could back drivers who are not only rapid but have garnered an engaged following keen to follow their journey?”

Leveraging Partnerships for Real-World Racing Success

In the video above, David Cook, CEO of Racing Prodigy, and Matt Casto of Jesse Iwuji Motorsports, explore all the sim racing action in the Esports Arena at the 2023 PRI show in Indianapolis. It’s all about the e2Real pipeline and supporting the next generation of talented race car drivers!

In the recent Drive to Wynn podcast, Darren Cox, the creator of GT Academy explains F1 teams use a 3rd ‘virtual’ car during race weekends. You can listen here.

TC Racing

The NAG team interviewed young racers Chloe Stuart and Tjaden Tromp of TC Racing as look explain how they use sim racing to help them in the real world.

Chloe: I’m so excited to get into sim racing. It’s a way for me to practice all the local tracks and even get the chance to practice on some overseas tracks so that when I eventually go and race there, I already know what to expect.

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Leveraging Partnerships for Real-World Racing Success

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