Racecraft & Driver Development News, Tips & Techniques for March 7, 2022

Racecraft & Driver Development News, Tips & Techniques for March 7, 2022

This week in Racecraft & Driver Development News, Tips & Techniques I have a number of great resources for you. They cover everything from racecraft tips from 18 pros, a guide to COTA’s Turn 1, racing in the rain, important career advice for young drivers, Fernando Alonso’s new young driver management company and more.

Racecraft Tips & Techniques

  • There are tons of widgets and gadgets out there that will make your car faster and better, but sometimes just knowing the right information can knock a few tenths off your time, keep your car in the game, or salvage an almost certain tragedy. Grassroots Motorsports talked to the pros and here are 18 pros offering their advice for success.
  • Ferrari Challenge driver John Cervini (Ferrari of Ontario) shares with Racer.com the keys to getting COTA’s famous Turn 1 right in the Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo.

Driver Development News & Resources

  • PRI has a great article with advice for young drivers. In Stop Doing That…Do This Instead: Driver Development, Jim Donnelly talks to a number of driver development veterans who explain the common mistakes made by young race drivers (and by extension their parents). “Bill McAnally, stresses professionalism and patience, noting that young drivers must “accomplish one step at a time, winning races at that level, before they move on.”
  • Fernando Alonso has co-founded a new management agency called A14 Management which he intends to for the benefit of young drivers. His co-founders are established driver manager Albert Resclosa and his own personal manager and friend Alberto Fernandez. According to its website, A14 Management was “born with the intention of selecting a small group of drivers from the world of karting, the cradle of this sport, and ingraining them with the indispensable values needed in order to achieve their goals such as; physical training, advice on decision making and economy management among others with the purpose of maximising the potential of each athlete.”
  • Former GT racer Wolfgang Reip has urged the motorsport industry to confront acoustic trauma. Reip suffers from a severe injury, acoustic trauma, that is caused by constant exposure to noise that he didn’t know could cause permanent harm. Earlier this year, Reip announced on Facebook that he was disabled by noise. “When we think of disability, we think of a missing limb or paralysis,” he wrote. “My disability is invisible, yet it is extremely debilitating and has transformed my life.”
  • Road racing can appear like a secret fraternity to the uninitiated, but opportunities abound for those who want to establish a focused career path, move from another racing discipline, or simply climb the ladder from the ground up. Read Making Inroads as PRI explains how.
  • Finally, McLaren boss Zak Brown is no fan of how Red Bull develops their drivers and feels they are “being brutal” in their approach. “They’ve had a handful of great drivers slip through their hands.”
Mark Boudreau
Author: Mark Boudreau

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