The Sustainable Motorsport Round-Up for November 12, 2021 – F1 Finally Markets their Hybrid Engines and More

The Sustainable Motorsport Round-Up for November 12, 2021

The Sustainable Motorsport Big Picture

In this issue of the Sustainable Motorsport Round-Up I will cover a number of series, technologies and proposed solutions. But first it is important to understand how motorsport fits into the overall sustainability picture and why it is an excellent R&D platform to develop sustainable technologies that will move beyond the track. Here are a few articles that look at the sustainable motorsport big picture.

Series News

Formula 1

  • After 8 years of running hybrid engines, Formula 1 has finally released a new branding message trumpeting the fact. Why they waited all this time to reveal this is probably one of the bigger marketing blunders in sports but at least they finally corrected their error.
  • With all the talk of sustainable fuels and hydrogen powered race cars, the topic of tires often gets lost in the shuffle. Formula 1 is targeting sustainability gains by bringing fewer tires to races.
  • It’s not just the teams that are embracing sustainability but the circuits that F1 races on are as well. The new Saudi GP has announced a partnership with Etaam as part of its sustainability plans.
  • Sometimes you need to take a small step in order to begin your journey to big changes. Nothing illustrates this better than Red Bull deciding to partner with Ocean Bottle. According to Red Bull, “In 2022, Ocean Bottle will supply the Team and its guests with fully recyclable reusable water bottles made from recycled materials, and that’s not all! With each unit supplied to the Team, Ocean Bottle will commit to collecting the equivalent of 1,000 plastic bottles.”

Formula E

The Sustainable Motorsport Round-Up for November 12, 2021
The Envision two-seater Formula E car
  • Chemical company Johnson Matthey is currently working with Envision Virgin Racing on battery technology that will increase a battery’s energy density and is testing the technology in the team’s single-seater in order to transfer it to the street.
  • Also with Envision Racing, they have announced a new multi-year platinum partnership with the Algorand Foundation. “The Algorand Foundation is dedicated to fulfilling the global promise of blockchain technology by leveraging the power of the Algorand protocol and its ecosystem, to enable everyone to harness the potential of an equitable, truly borderless, digital economy, built on a carbon-negative network, that will help sustain a better planet.”

SRO Motorsports Group

Extreme E

  • With McLaren joining the Extreme E series, the spotlight will continue to shine on this off-road racing upstart. Green Racing News explains how McLaren’s arrival in Extreme E will raise the series’ status.

Other Series and their Sustainability Plans

  • The World Rally Championship have announced that, along with their new hybrid rules the series will have mandatory electric routes in 2022.
The Sustainable Motorsport Round-Up for November 12, 2021
H2 Racing Truck
  • Gaussin have announced plans for their hydrogen-powered H2 Racing Truck to compete in the 2022 Dakar.
The Sustainable Motorsport Round-Up for November 12, 2021
Entropy Racing (Photo via Road & Track)
The Sustainable Motorsport Round-Up for November 12, 2021
The Team Vesco 444 reVolt Systems streamliner

Sustainable Tech and Motorsport

The Sustainable Motorsport Round-Up for November 12, 2021

Here are just a few cool sustainable technologies making their way through the motorsport ecosystem.

Getting to the Track

The Sustainable Motorsport Round-Up for November 12, 2021

There is so much going on with various sustainable transportation solutions that I tend to limit my coverage of them since I have enough to post about with respect to motorsport. Here are just a few examples covering the various forms of transportation used by racing series around the world to get to the track and the disruptive technologies that are starting to make their presence felt.

Don’t Forget to Participate in the Pioneering Sustainability in Motorsport Questionnaire

I mentioned this in the last Round-Up but you are encouraged to participate in a new global sustainable motorsport questionnaire aimed at those involved in motorsport. More details can be found here.

That’s it for this edition of the Sustainable Motorsport Round-Up. See you in two weeks!

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