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The Business of Being a Race Driver is Being Social

Social Media Icons on Phone

The business of being a race driver is about being social, whether that is virtually or in real life off the track. Megan Meyer discusses the social part as she explains how to drive your social growth online while I look at being social in real life or as it is better known, networking. Being … Read more

Identifying Your Target Audience, Marketing Impressions and Racing on a Budget

Mini Cooper Racing Car

This week, the Business of Being a Race Driver covers topics as diverse as identifying your target audience, marketing impressions and racing on a budget. I also look at the reality facing women drivers and the teams that want to run them when it comes to finding sponsorship, some words of advice for sponsors on … Read more

Selling Your Story to Sponsors

Canadian Tire Motorsport Park Finish Line

Much of the work that you will do in trying to get sponsors is selling your story and the sales skills required to do this are discussed in this week’s Business of Being a Race Driver. Before you even get to the point of discussing things like ROI, B2B and all the rest with a … Read more