A New Era in Sustainable Motorsport

From electric-powered fire trucks and sustainability-focused race teams at the Rolex 24 Hours to sustainably fueled MotoGP bikes, we are fully into a new era in sustainable motorsport.

The Sustainable Motorsport Roundup has been tracking these developments for the last year and will continue to do so. This week I look at Michelin’s sustainable tire technology set to debut at this month’s Rolex 24 hours, how DHL is working with Formula E to reduce their logistics carbon footprint and a new era for Wayne Taylor Racing that has sustainability at its core.

I also bring you some sources of sustainable activewear in Every Little Bit Counts as well as some simple tips to reduce your daily carbon footprint that does not require you to dramatically change your lifestyle in The Big Picture.

All this and more in this week’s Sustainable Motorsport Roundup on Motorsport Prospects.

Sustainable Motorsport News

Sustainable Motorsport Roundup for January 21, 2023

REV Fire Group has partnered with Daytona International Speedway to provide four firefighting trucks to the track ahead of the 2023 Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona and Daytona 500. While these include standard pumpers, one will be an electric model called the Vector. “We are excited to provide the all-electric Vector for our Florida neighbor, Daytona International Speedway, to protect its employees, NASCAR drivers, and the many fans and spectators who attend The Great American Race and other events,” commented REV Fire Group Vice President Mike Virnig. “Vector also protects the environment, making this a perfect collaboration with DIS and NASCAR and their many green initiatives designed to reduce the track and sport’s carbon footprint and promote sustainability.”

In Episode #85 of the Sustainability Report Podcast, Lorenzo Sacchetti, Matilde Montagna, Rikke Albertsen and Michella Skov discuss their plan to cultivate nature at a Danish motorsport venue. You can listen to the podcast here.

Sustainable Motorsport Tech

A New Era in Sustainable Motorsport

Michelin Motorsport discuss their sustainable tire initiatives ahead of their use in the new IMSA GTP class that starts racing this weekend. “Motorsport plays a vital role for Michelin in accelerating the development of sustainable solutions. The new era of GTP is ready to go racing! This top class is made up of Le Mans Daytona hybrid (LMDh) race cars with hybrid-electrified technology. This season, Michelin is providing a GTP tire that is designed to last longer and provide teams the ability to double stint.”

Series News

Sustainable Motorsport Roundup for January 21, 2023

MotoGP’s Red Bull KTM Factory Racing team have announced a multi-year collaboration with ExxonMobil. The length of the deal is not confirmed, but ExxonMobil will be working on sustainable fuels for 2027. The company will also assist the team in a transition to advanced fuel componentry from 2024.

Dow, one of the world’s leading materials science companies, will continue to support Jaguar TCS Racing for season 9, which began last weekend in Mexico City. “Dow’s alliance with Jaguar TCS Racing provides a high-performance laboratory in which to test, replicate and continually refine mobility solutions, helping to unlock new levels of sustainability and performance for customers and automotive industry trends around the world.”

Formula E and DHL have agreed to a multi-year partnership extension. DHL has been Formula E’s official logistics partner since September 2013, helping to deliver the electric racing series in its early form. DHL will utilise biofuels for all road and sea freight this season, although air freight will make up most of Formula E’s logistics.

Blackbook Motorsport looks at how Formula E is balancing its sustainable mission with global expansion as it begins its Gen3 era. “Indeed, as it embarks on its ninth season, Formula E is currently trying to balance its quest to establish itself as a truly global series with the the sustainable ethos that has underpinned its mission from the start. The more the series tries to spread its message and visit new destinations, the bigger the carbon footprint it leaves behind. This is a challenge that Julia Pallé, the sustainability director at Formula E, is acutely aware of.”

A New Era in Sustainable Motorsport

FIA Girls On Track with Formula E Sustainability Director Julia Pallé in the video above as they discuss women getting involved in motorsport and the sustainability of the series.

The Gen3 Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro Supercars will run on a new fuel blend, Speedcafe.com has learnt. “The non-ethanol component will be partially synthetic, rather than being entirely of fossil fuel origin. The move to a synthetic component is consistent with a trend in global motorsport, although Supercars has in fact been ahead of the curve on non-fossil fuels. Synthetic fuel is produced by using renewable energy to extract hydrogen from water, before adding carbon dioxide to form hydrocarbons.”

A New Era in Sustainable Motorsport

Commemorating Konica Minolta’s ninth year partnering with Wayne Taylor Racing in America’s pinnacle sports car series, the fan favorite blue and black livery of the No. 10 Acura ARX-06 will also sport the tech company’s signature green leaf, a symbol of Konica Minolta’s commitment to achieving Carbon Minus status by 2030, twenty years ahead of its initial goal. “Our partnership with Wayne Taylor Racing is near and dear to my heart, and along with Acura we have very strong synergies, with similar cultures, desires and goals, the most important being our commitment to sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint,” said Michael Mathé, Chief of Operations and Sales Enablement, Konica Minolta. “Going hybrid is something we have wanted to do for quite some time, and we are proud to be a leader in making the series more environmentally friendly.”

Every Little Bit Counts

Every Little Bit Counts looks at small steps that you can take to decrease your environmental impact and increase your sustainability.

Being a race driver means being in optimal physical condition. When you go to the gym, go out for a run or bike, check out these sustainable activewear options.

The Big Picture

In The Big Picture, I look beyond motorsport to see what other sports are doing in their sustainability journey as well as the issue of sustainability generally. Hopefully this will act as a catalyst for change in the motorsport ecosystem as it demonstrates that in many ways, all sport shares some commonalities that can be tackled with achievable, measurable sustainability practices.

Sustainable Motorsport Roundup for January 21, 2023
The low carbon travel hierarchy is simple. See which options are viable for you and then pick the one highest up the list.

Tom Greenwood asks, what would meaningful climate action look like?Here’s a selection of climate actions that are often within the direct control of businesses to change. Every company is different so you always need to review what will work for you and adjust accordingly, but hopefully some of the following are applicable.”

Getting to the Track Sustainably

Getting to the Track Sustainably is my occasional column on developments in sustainable transportation that could have some application to motorsport. Since most carbon emissions come from logistics and transportation, this topic is of utmost importance as motorsport works to make itself more sustainable. Here are some articles you may find of interest.

Sustainable Land Transportation

Sustainable Motorsport Roundup for January 21, 2023

Sustainable Aviation

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