Max Verstappen’s Transformation of Schumacher’s Driving Technique

This week you will find an analysis of Max Verstappen’s transformation of Michael Schumacher’s driving technique amongst other racecraft tips.

You will also find the truth behind those secret racing lines used by Jann Mardenborough in the Gran Turismo film from the man himself, getting “in the flow” on the track and Pato O’Ward’s trackside essentials.

In addition, I have details on the Yacademy Winter Series and some available drives from my friends at P1 Groupe. All this and much more in this week’s edition of the Racecraft & Race Cars Roundup on Motorsport Prospects.

Racecraft Tips & Techniques


Max Verstappen's Transformation of Schumacher's Driving Technique

In the video above, Scott Mansell of Driver 61 looks at how Max Verstappen reinvented Michael Schumacher’s driving style. “Max Verstappen has a REALLY distinctive driving style, and it reminds me A LOT of how Michael Schumacher drove. So much so, that I’ve been comparing their onboards, and it’s been SUPER interesting. Max Verstappen drives with a Schumacher style, but one that’s been adapted for the cars of now. Let me explain. Schumacher drove with a distinctive style, he liked a lot of oversteer in his cars. Meaning he liked the balance of grip in the car to favour the front axle. So he would like the aero balance, the weight distribution and rake of the car to all favour the front – giving him incredible front-end grip through the corners. This meant he could rotate the car VERY quickly, pivoting it in the middle of the corner.”

Grassroots Motorsports featured 18 pros who offer their speed secrets for success. “We talked to some of our friends in the business—all from the top tiers in their fields—and the information we gathered could potentially change the course of a season, launch a winning program, or simply make a good thing a little better. As we learned during those breaks between Saturday morning cartoons, knowledge is power.”

In the August 25th, 2023 edition of Ross Bentley’s Speed Secrets newsletter, Ross looks into the what causes us to get into a state of flow, or “the zone.”

Being in flow is something that most everyone has experienced at some point in their lives, whether it’s in sport, playing music, driving, work, parenting, public speaking, or pursuing a hobby. For a few – the superstars of any activity – it’s almost a way of life. For others, it’s a fleeting experience; there, and gone in a flash. But experienced once, it’s something we crave to experience again and again. Track driving gives us an opportunity to flirt with being in the flow – it’s accessible, unlike many other activities we spend time doing. Where else can we test ourselves to the extent that a car at speed on a track provides?

In his Ask Ross column, Ross also answers the question, how can I improve my night driving in endurance racing?

Racecraft & Race Cars Roundup

If you have seen the film Gran Turismo, you will be curious as to how Jann Mardenborough found those secret racing lines that he used on track. Car and Driver asked him that very question.

It’s not Le Mans, but certainly, I found different lines in real life, at different circuits. I have stumbled across a different race line in the wet, at Fuji again, while doing Formula 3. At the exit of Turn 1, beyond the white line, there’s some “grasscrete,” we call it, like some cobbled stones almost. But they’re quite grippy. And I remember being out of control arriving at turn one in an F3 in a test session, very wet. Not going to make the apex. Definitely not going to make the apex. And I just cranked a little lock at the last minute and my front left tire hooked onto these cobbled stones that had quite a lot of grip on them.”

Max Verstappen's Transformation of Schumacher's Driving Technique

In the video above, Enzo Mucci asks a simple question, when you are on track are you looking ahead or behind?

In the latest issue of Revolution, the magazine from Motorsport UK, the column The Perfect Lap includes tips on how to improve your pace and consistency on track.

In the September 3, 2020 edition of the Speed Secrets Podcast, Samir Abid and Ross Bentley get into how best to use data to help you become an even better driver, managing the driver’s mind when it’s too analytical and focused on data, and how to use the data from another driver to improve your own driving. We also talk about what Samir learned from having Scott Mansell of Driver61 drive his car, and what makes Lewis Hamilton so special. You can listen here.

Racecraft & Race Cars Roundup

Podium Life looks at the race weekend essentials of Arrow McLaren’s Pato O’Ward.

I’m not very superstitious. I feel I can get superstitious. If maybe I did something new and then all of a sudden like, things are falling down and they’re just not going as they used to if I change some sort of routine, so maybe I’ll think twice about what I’ve changed. But ultimately, I’m not superstitious. I have a routine kind of thing, but I don’t think of like, oh, I have to do this, I think I do everything every week slightly differently. It’s not all identical. I’d be lying if I said I’ve never been superstitious, but in reality, it’s very minimal.”


Max Verstappen's Transformation of Schumacher's Driving Technique

In the latest episode of the podcast If I’m Honest with Julia Landauer, Julia sits down with her motorsports trainer and the Program Director of PitFit Training, Trey Shannon.

Scorching temperatures, high G-forces, and visual obstructions are just some of the factors that drivers have to deal with when racing cars. So how do we racers prepare for these grueling, hours-long races? With specific physical and neurological training. Trey got his start in engineering and pivoted to motorsports training after discovering a love for helping athletes maximize their performance. Trey shares his background (including a successful attempt at a Guinness World Record), what goes into motorsports training, and how he comes up with innovative workouts. I then discusses some of my favorite workouts and ask Trey to explain the science and methodology behind coming up with those workouts.”

You can see more of Trey’s motorsports-specific training by following @PitFitInc on Instagram and by visiting their website You can also see the PitFit Training listing in the Motorsport Prospects Directory here.

You can listen to the podcast episode here, or:
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Race Car & Series Developments

Racecraft & Race Cars Roundup

The new for 2024 Cabo Wabo Beach Club Formula Super GP series has increased their purse size and modified their schedule.

With the Series’ tentative January date at Sebring Int’l Raceway becoming unavailable due to Indycar testing and being unable to confirm its late February date due to weekend dates at all popular tracks in the southeast being booked, The Championship has decided to kick off the Championship with an extended season beginning in March. The season will now feature 6 events (18 races) with a confirmed schedule. Drivers will continue earn points money and per event prize money for all 6 events. With the increase to 6 events on the schedule, the Prize Purse has increased by $34,550 to a total of $452,900 including the Grand Invitational event.”

Track Days

Max Verstappen's Transformation of Schumacher's Driving Technique

The Yacademy Fall/Winter test dates and Winter Series schedule have been released for 2023-24. Here is the schedule and pricing for the upcoming winter:


  • Sept 27/28 – Mid Ohio $2000 x car x day.
  • Oct 2/3 – Road America $2500 x car x day
  • Nov 21/22 – Barber $2000 x car x day
  • Dec 11/12 – Sebring $2000 x car x day
  • Dec 13 – Homestead – $1500 x car 


  • Jan 24/25 – Sebring $2250 x car x day
  • Feb 7/8 – Sebring $2250 x car x day (testing) & Winter Series Races*
  • Feb 9/10/11 – Homestead – Winter Series Races*

 * Winter Series Races Entry for both events $7000 per car. OR $5000 for an individual event. (Sebring OR Homestead)

For any questions/comments/concerns please contact: 
Gustavo Yacaman,

Andrew P. Collins of The Drive explains why high-performance driver’s ed is a perfect father-son weekend. “This summer, my dad and I rented a couple of track cars and time with instructors to get as much as we could out of a day at Palmer. Not only was it a great bonding experience, but I left feeling a heck of a lot happier with my driving skills than I had been the day before.”

Racing Opportunities

P1 Groupe Logo

The P1 Groupe have a number of drive’s available. Contact them directly for more information.

Drives Available: Aren’t we lucky, Silly Season came early this year! 2024 schedules are now released, so if there’s a race, championship or level of car you’re interested in for 2024, get in touch with us today to start putting those wheels in motion! As for as what’s still available for this season, we do have a drive available in a Porsche 992 GT3 Cup for the season finale of the Porsche Sprint Challenge at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. For 2024, we have many options from grass roots series’ like WRL to the top level of the professional ranks. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll provide the best options for your racing needs.”

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