Preparing for Your First Media Interview

Tips on preparing for your first media interview is one of the features in this week’s Business of Being a Race Driver. I also have advice on using crowdfunding sites for your racing budget, a free resource to help you with your sponsorship deck and what motorsport agents do for athletes. All this and more in this week’s Business of Being a Race Driver on Motorsport Prospects. Its advice race drivers can use.

The Business of Racing

From the Driver’s Point of View

Preparing for Your First Media Interview

In the video above, Enzo Mucci explains how using websites like GoFundMe can actually bring in a small amount of money towards your racing career.

Lee Zohlman explains the importance of relationship building. “If anyone were to ask me what one of the top three most important aspects are in business and especially the commercial side of sports I would have to say building and maintaining positive relationships is absolutely up there!”

roadmap to sponsorship decks

Motorsport sponsorship consultant has put together a free resource called the roadmap to sponsorship decks. “Your sponsorship deck makes all the difference. Is yours turning potential sponsors away? My sponsorship deck has helped me secure over 6-figures in sponsorships. This FREE roadmap is your simple step-by-step guide to doing exactly what I did.”

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Charge Sponsorship Tip of the Week: Know Your Potential Sponsor

Motorsport PR

Motorsport communication specialist Alexandra Schieren explains the five steps to prepare for your first media interview as a young racer.

“As a race driver, talking to the media is part of the job. In many series, it is part of the regulations and even without this requirement, it makes sense to be publicly heard because if nobody knows you, how will you find your next seat or sponsor? Talking to the media needs to be part of your routine like improving your driving skills and physical fitness.”

Preparing for Your First Media Interview

The video above, from the the 2022 Motocross Sponsorship Summit, host Alex Striler spoke with several motorsports agents about what agents do for athletes. Striler’s guests were:

  • Bob Walker (Brian, Haillie, and Haiden Deegan’s agent)
  • Jimmy Button (Wasserman Media Group)
  • Eric Morley (Blue C Advertising)
  • Lew Lewis (Jeremy McGrath’s former team manager)

The Costs of Racing

FG Series

FG Series has partnered with the Motion Technology Company Schaeffler ahead of the championship’s launch in 2025 to help create more affordable racing. Schaeffler have been a fixture on the international motorsport scene for decades and their wide-ranging participation has cemented them as a global player in the field of mobility worldwide.

Reducing financial barriers to entry to motorsport is a key ethos for FG Series as the new championship is on a mission to make the sport more accessible and present globally. Schaeffler will supply e-mobility components like inverters and e-motors including software to make professional racing more affordable.

Mark Boudreau
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