Racing with a Co-Driver and More Racecraft Advice

Racing with a co-driver is just some of the racecraft advice available in this week’s Racecraft & Race Cars Roundup.

In addition to that I have tips on racing in the rain, how to adjust to changing levels of grip and more. In Race Cars and Series News you will get updated on the new Maserati GT2 and Mustang GT4 cars, a summary of SRO series developments for 2024 and the new LMP3 powerplant.

All this and much more in this week’s Racecraft & Race Cars Roundup on Motorsport Prospects.

Racecraft Tips & Techniques


Racecraft & Race Cars Roundup

Autosport looks at how reigning Carrera Cup GB champion and BRDC SuperStar Kiern Jewiss is enjoying his rookie season in Europe and how his GT World Challenge adaption is progressing.

One big change for me compared to what I’ve been used to before is racing with team-mates in the same car. It’s going to throw up some challenges and it’s a very different mindset, but it’s something that, if you want a professional career in motorsport, you’re going to have to get used to it and it will be good to see how we get on. So far, we haven’t had to make any big changes.”

The latest subscriber-only edition of the On Racing Drivers by Terrence Dove newsletter looks at the relationship between smoothness and speed. “Some drivers are naturally gifted and don’t need any concepts to drive fast, but for the rest of us, loading is a crucial concept to understand. Loading is what connects smoothness and speed, and allows us to drive at the limit of grip.”

In the recent edition of Peter Krause’s newsletter The Intelligent Driver he discusses how to get up to speed fast. “Learning to calibrate your butt to a rapidly CHANGING level of grip in as short a time and distance as possible pays dividends.”

In the video above, pro driver Tanner Foust, who is no stranger to wet conditions, shares his tips and tricks for finding grip in the rain.

MotorSport New Zealand has released an updated version of its Code of Driving Conduct Guidelines for Race events. “Drivers are encouraged to take part in close racing which displays fair and reasonable Driver Conduct of which is referred to within Schedule Z in the MotorSport New Zealand Manual. The new guidelines contain range of new diagrams and detailed explanations of how the rules of Driver Conduct should be applied. This will help drivers better understand the rules of racing, ultimately leading to more consistent officiating across the country.”

Following the recent review into Targa style tarmac rallying, Motorsport Australia has confirmed a new license structure and requirements for those with a National Rally Licence and competitors wishing to compete in tarmac events.


Motorsport Athlete on Podium

MotiV8 Training explains the 6 skills that motorsport athletes need to succeed. “Motorsport is an exhilarating sport that demands not only exceptional driving skills but also a unique set of qualities and abilities. While racing results are undoubtedly important, there are several other skills that motorsport athletes must possess to excel in this highly competitive field. In this blog article, we will explore the key skills beyond racing results that are crucial for motorsport athletes to achieve success. So, fasten your seatbelts and let’s dive into the world of motorsport athleticism!

A lot of the time in my Driver Development Roundup column I focus on younger drivers as they look to develop their motorsport careers, but what about older racers you may ask? Well that is the question that Ross Bentley answered in a recent Ask Ross column where the question was: What advice do you have for drivers starting later in life, and how to manage age-related performance regressions? You can read Ross’s answer here.

Racecraft & Race Cars Roundup

Think Conversation looks at how physically demanding racing a NASCAR stock car (and by extension other race cars) is. “We’ve learned that professional drivers need extraordinary physical and mental stamina to compete in major racing series such as NASCAR, IndyCar and Formula One. Our data shows the metabolic demands of auto racing and basketball are similar. But unlike other athletes, race car drivers compete in full-body safety gear while sitting in a piping hot car for hours at a time.”

Speed Cafe reports that Motorsport Australia has welcomed the release of new concussion guidelines which have been developed with the input of the FIA and International Olympic Committee. “The new guidelines apply to sport in general, but can be used at all levels of motorsport, and represent tools for both healthcare professionals (SCAT6 Sport Concussion Assessment Tool) and non-professionals (CRT6 Concussion Recognition Tool).”

Race Car & Series Developments

Maserati GT2

Maserati officially revealed its new GT2 race car at last weekend’s 24 Hours of Spa, which brings the Maserati brand back to GT racing for the first time since its MC12 model, which raced from 2005-2010. A racing version of the MC20 sports car, powered by a 621hp Nettuno V6, the Maserati GT2 was designed and built for use by customer teams and gentleman drivers in the GT2 class. and is set to debut later this year in the Fanatec GT European Series.

Racing with a Co-Driver and More Racecraft Advice

Meanwhile, Ford has unveiled their new Mustang GT4. “The Mustang GT4 is a key member of our motorsports lineup,” said Mark Rushbrook, global director, Ford Performance Motorsports. “Its placement between the Mustang GT3 and soon-to-be-unveiled Mustang Dark Horse R keeps the brand in competition at all levels of on-track performance and is an important part of our customer racing program. With this new version, based off the seventh generation’s new Dark Horse model, we’ve upped the game and are ready to challenge an entire world of competitors.”

The Mustang GT4 race car also features Multimatic DSSV dampers, a Holinger dog-ring gearbox, paddle shifters with pneumatic actuation, natural fiber body panels and a unique aero package developed to meet GT4 category targets. The car will be eligible to compete in IMSA’s Grand Sport (GS) class of the Michelin Pilot Challenge and GSX class of the VP Racing Challenge.

Daily Sportscar has a great summary from the SRO press conference at last weekend’s Spa 24 Hours that detailed all the news about the 2024 SRO calendar. It covers news related to:

  • Intercontinental GT Challenge
  • FIA Motorsport Games
  • GT World Challenge America
  • GT World Challenge Asia
  • Asian Le Mans Series
  • British GT Championship
  • GT World Challenge Europe

Media reports of Audi Sport customer racing shuttering its operations at the end of this year are “over speculative” according to Audi Sport customer racing boss Chris Reinke, who insisted that existing customer support will continue for the foreseeable future according to Sportscar365.

In operative form, [whether] in direct competition or track days, we have over 600 cars in operation in customers’ hands,” Reinke said. “Therefore as an OEM, there’s no question of stopping customer racing in general. We have an obligation for service and we want to do it. It’s our business case and it’s the logic of why we do it.”

There are a lot of new developments happening with the 2023 25 Hours of Thunderhill, the longest closed-course endurance race in North America so NASA Speed News Magazine has published the 2023 25 Hours of Thunderhill Primer.

The next homologation period for LMP3 will see a change in powerplants, with ORECA having been selected to provide a twin-turbo V6 engine as a replacement for the Nissan VK56 beginning in 2025.

The search for Australia’s next circuit racing star begins this weekend, as the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Australia 86 Series launches into season 8 at the NTI Townsville 500. The 5 event series, the last for the current Toyota 86 ahead of the arrival of the new GR86 race car in 2024, will again feature substantial prize money, with $50,000 available to the series winner. As well as providing a great stepping stone for future talent, the Toyota 86 race cars have also proven to be a handy training tool for experienced professionals.

With the news that Jay Howard Driver Development leaving the US F4 Championship and moving his team to USF Juniors in 2024, what does this mean for the future of both series and the economics of a young driver racing in either? Feeder Series explores the potential ramifications.

2023 SCCA Solo Nats General Registration opened Tuesday, June 27. “Let’s start at the beginning: General registration for the 50th Tire Rack SCCA® Solo National Championships (taking place Sept. 5-8, 2023, at Lincoln Airpark in Nebraska) opens at 3 p.m. CT on Tuesday, June 27. Whether you’re a Solo Nats aficionado or autocross newbie, this registration date applies to you joining the fun in Lincoln – and there will be a lot of fun as the Solo Nationals celebrates a half-century of careening around traffic cones.”

Isle of Man TT

Finally, if you always wondered what it is like racing the legendary Isle of Man TT, The Robb Report looks at what it’s like to ride in the World’s Deadliest Motorcycle Race. “The TT is a vortex that sucks in everyone around, and does so for a fortnight. The 37.73-mile TT Mountain Course is the longest circuit on the planet, weaving in and out of towns, past people’s front porches, and over Snaefell Mountain, with the top riders reaching over 200 mph.”

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