The Business of Being a Race Driver for October 11, 2022

Do you feel like you are a sponsorship loser? In this week’s Business of Being a Race Driver, have a look at Diary of a Sponsorship Loser and see if there is any of you in there and what you should do about it.

This week I also bring you advice on the importance of your Instagram bio, an upcoming Media Training online class you can take, a look at some racing scholarships you may want to consider and a racing opportunity to consider.

All this and more in The Business of Being a Race Driver.

The Business of Being a Race Driver for October 11, 2022

The Business of Racing

  • Megan Meyer explains how your Instagram bio is the social media search key you’re missing. “On Instagram, your bio is the most searchable part of your profile. Meaning that when someone searches for keywords in your brand like “racing driver”, “fitness lifestyle”, or “dog lover”, you want to be found for those things and attract audiences that fit in your target market.”
  • MotiV8 Training will be putting on a Media Training Masterclass with Media Mastercoach Filippa Guarna on Tuesday 18th October 2022 at 7pm ADST. “During this fast-track masterclass it will cover what the media industry requires of you, how to increase technical media skills to create content, build productive media solutions and relationships, and therefore bring more success and media leverage to their career.” More details can be found here.
  • Filippa Guarna is also featured on Episode 130 of the Motorsport Coaching Podcast. In this episode, “Belinda talks to Filippa about how she got started with motorsports, what is media, why you need to invest in your media strategy and how to do it for free!” You can listen here.
  • Sport Dimensions discusses when sponsorships become partnerships as they describe their own experiences working with sponsors at the last Indy 500. “We work behind the scenes as a motorsports marketing agency on projects that turn what looks to be a standard sponsorship to wide-reaching B2B technical partnerships.”
  • Power Sponsorship has published an excellent post called Diary of a Sponsorship Loser that is well worth a read. While it is written from the perspective of a festival organizer looking to get sponsorship for their festival, the lessons learned can apply equally to a race driver looking to get sponsorship for their racing.

The Costs of Racing

  • Racing is expensive but scholarships offer a way to cover those costs if you can prove you have what it takes both on and off the track. In yesterday’s Racecraft & Driver Development Roundup I featured a few scholarships that are currently available for you to look into.

Racing Opportunities

  • The Atlantic Racing Team have one seat available for the last 2022 USF4 race at COTA (Circuit of the Americas) in Texas on November 03 to 06 in their LIGIER JS F4. Testing dates before this event and pre-2023 testing dates are also available. Contact them at 1-902-880-6010 or via email
Mark Boudreau
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