Using Sim Racing to Help Develop Junior Rally Drivers

This week in the Sim Racing Roundup you will find out about the possibilities of using sim racing to prepare junior rally drivers for the move up to rallying’s top class.

You will also learn about a new sim racing series for Radicals, some great tips, techniques, and resources plus sim racing rigs to start sim racing with for any budget.

All this in addition to the usual sim racing news, reviews (including a ton on Forza Motorsport 2023), recommendations and more in this week’s edition of the Sim Racing Roundup on Motorsport Prospects. Its sim racing news for racers not gamers.

From Sim Racing to the Real Thing

Sim Racing Roundup

Can the new World Rally Championship computer game EA Sports WRC help tackle a real-world hot topic? That is the question Autosport looks to answer as the gulf widens between Rally 2 and the top class.

This is perhaps where EA Sports WRC, could actually help in offering a virtual testing tool to help develop young drivers for the real world of Rally1. Such is the game’s level of realism and accurate representation of car handling and stages, it is a view shared by EA Sports WRC game designer Jon Armstrong. This is not just a throwaway line from a game maker either, as Armstrong also just happens to be a professional rally driver who competed in the Junior WRC last year and won this year’s European Rally Championship ERC3 title.”

Using Sim Racing to Help Develop Junior Rally Drivers

Yes the video above is three years old but it is still a fun and informative watch. “F1 champs Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen are taking to virtual tracks to stay sharp while not on the real race track. But how do they stack up virtually against the likes of Esports pros such as Brendon Leigh and countless other crack SIM racers?

Sim Racing Roundup

As driving simulator manufacturer Dynisma expands their British HQ, Motorsport Magazine drove their “punishing” new F1 simulator, a sim rig so realistic that Ferrari uses it.

While many other motor sport industry-standard driving simulators have a 20-50-millisecond delay between an input, such as moving the steering wheel and the simulator reacting, the Dynisma DMG-1, which I’m driving, delivers feedback at 3-4 milliseconds. If you’re an F1 driver with heightened senses, it makes the experience noticeably more realistic and far more useful.”

Competitive Sim Racing News

Sim Racing Roundup

Motorsport UK and Radical Motorsport have come together to bring iRacing users the chance to race in an officially licensed Radical Motorsport championship.

This four round championship for individual drivers takes on the UK’s most iconic circuits and consists of an hour race at each round. All drivers will drive the same famous Radical SR10 Car and are split into PRO, PRO/AM and AM classes depending on each drivers iRating.

For more information please visit Motorsport UK…

Here are more headlines from the world of competitive sim racing.

Sim Racing Roundup

Sim Racing Tips & Techniques

Sim Racing Roundup

The Driver61 Sim Racing Academy is preparing to release their AI Coaching app and is currently inviting iRacing and ACC players to join their waitlist. You can sign up here.

Sim racer, coach and real-life racer Suellio Almeida has just released “The Motor Racing Book – Volume 1. Car Handling.” It is a huge work with over 300 pages and 120 images, and it is ALL about car handling techniques. “This book works wonders in conjunction with the online course, The Motor Racing Checklist, which I am working on and re-vamping so its structure matches the book’s structure.”

More information on the book can be found here. Look for an interview with Suellio on Motorsport Prospects soon!

Sim Racing Roundup

Coach Dave Academy have published their iRacing Guide to the Ferrari 296 GT3.

Ferrari’s latest and greatest GT car, the 296 GT3 was a welcome addition to iRacing with the Porsche 963 GTP, Acura ARX-06 GTP, Super Formula SF-23 and the NASCAR Pontiac Grand Prix 1987. It is a key part of iRacing’s progress tree that’s available to race in series spanning almost the entire licence ladder, so let’s learn more about it.”

Sim Racing Tech Roundup

Here is a roundup of the latest sim racing tech news, reviews, and recommendations from around the world.

Sim Racing Roundup

General Sim Racing News

Tony Kanaan launches sim racing centre
Image credit: Arrow McLaren IndyCar Team

Forza Motorsport Reviews

Using Sim Racing Help Develop Junior Rally Drivers

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