Why All the Crashes?

Why All the Crashes?
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Why all the crashes? That is the question Ross Bentley looks to answer in this week’s Racecraft & Race Cars Roundup.

In addition to this, there is a look at how Max Verstappen’s driving technique has evolved, first time experiences in endurance racing and an exercise to improve vision tracking. I also have some racing series news, tips on a safer track day and much more.

All this in this week’s edition of the Racecraft & Race Cars Roundup on Motorsport Prospects.

Racecraft Tips & Techniques


Racecraft & Race Cars Roundup

Ross Bentley of Speed Secrets asks the question, Why So Many Crashes?

“Why is this happening? Why are there more crashes than seemingly ever before? One way to think about this is that the sport has gotten more competitive than ever before, and the pressure on pro drivers is stronger than it’s ever been. It’s win or find another job for many drivers. Team owners and managers are less patient than in the past (with some odd exceptions), with high expectations for everyone. Many of these drivers have come to believe that their teams and sponsors would rather them make a banzai move and crash than come in second.”

Ross also answers the question, what is slip angle and how do I use it to drive faster?

Why All the Crashes?

In the video above, Scott Mansell of Driver 61 looks at young Max Verstappen’s INSANE driving style.

In his recent newsletter article, Peter Krause offers some guidance in the challenge of doing your personal best.

“A student of the sport, practicing purposefully and with the goal of making every decision and control input in the car and on the track the BEST they CAN will often exceed their expectations, as well as their own perceived performance limits. That’s how we grow as drivers, and as members of this great community.”

Why All the Crashes?

Blayze has put together The Racecar Braking Course and have made available an excerpt of the course here. “In lesson 2 of the braking course with Dion von Moltke, he breaks down how every brake zone is different and how we can find confidence in our braking.”

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Why All the Crashes?

In the video above, Suellio Almeida described his experiencing racing at Mosport for ​⁠​⁠@ApexV2R for TWO 8-hour races in the same weekend at the Lucky Dog Racing Canada.


Why All the Crashes?

One of the most important skills sets you need as motorsport athletes is eye tracking. Our eyes have to be able to shift focus and refocus hundreds of times every lap, yet it’s something most of us have never heard or thought about!

Blayze is working hard on building a library of drills for you to train all facets of your racing into their Blayze app. But, in the meantime, they wanted to share this great drill that you can do today!

Race Car & Series Developments

F4 Central European Zone
Photo: Petr Fryba

The ACCR Formula 4 championship has rebranded to F4 Central European Zone after receiving certification from the FIA to become one of its zonal championships.

The championship is run in collaboration with a number of ASNs under the guidance of Automobile Club of the Czech Republic (ACCR) which retains oversight and responsibility for all organisation and safety issues in relation to the championship. The Championship is open to CEZ member countries, but also participants from other ASNs worldwide. 

The 2024 Toyota GR86 race car will be on sale from May 29 to new competitors ahead its debut in the 2024 Toyota Gazoo Racing Australia (TGRA) 86 Series. Previously only on offer to those already competing in the 86 Series, Toyota is now offering the $89,990 turnkey package to anyone wishing to race in the category next season.

Racer.com looks at Nitro Chaos, a four-race, purse-paying, ‘run what ya brung’ championship for racers wanting to compete with any nitro-fueled car, with the only rule being that cars “must run on a minimum 80 percent nitromethane.”

“The brainchild of Chris and Tera Graves, the series is an evolution of the popular standalone Funny Car Chaos events held for the last few years. With enthusiastic crowds wanting more fiery action and plenty of teams looking for a place to race against each other, the couple secured a host of sponsors to launch the new series and provide a place to race virtually any nitro-burning car, plus a live streaming package on FloRacing. The promise of $34,000 race purses and a $10,000 championship payout at the end of the 2023 season is attracting a number of Altereds, Funny Cars, old front-engine Top Fuel cars and even an NHRA championship-winning headliner.”

Racecraft & Race Cars Roundup

Herrador Factory Team has formally unveiled the HFT T3 2023, a side-by-side vehicle based on the Can-Am Maverick X3 that is capable of FIA T3 competition. It was originally revealed by team CEO Javier Herrador in March before the official presentation on Tuesday.

“The HFT T3 uses the Maverick’s platform but has been heavily modified to meet T3 regulation, which is for Light Prototype SSVs specifically designed for racing versus the production models that race in T4.”

SRO Motorsports Group is waiting on confirmation of the date for next year’s CrowdStrike 24 Hours of Spa before before being able to shape the 2024 calendars across it numerous championships according to Stephane Ratel.

“Ratel said he’s still yet to receive word on what will happen next year, although his preference is to have the event return to its normal slot in the calendar for tradition’s sake.”

Stephane Ratel is also targeting this year’s GT America powered by AWS season finale at Indianapolis Motor Speedway as a formal North American kickoff for SRO Motorsports Group’s GT2 platform, with the goal of attracting at least one car from each active manufacturer.

“Ratel held discussions with teams during last weekend’s SRO America event at Circuit of The Americas to gauge interest levels on the platform, although he said it’s still too early to see if the objective will be met.”

The cover for this month’s Revolution magazine by Motorsport UK looks at Stage Rallying on a budget. Will Gray explains how good research, good support and good advice can help cut the costs of competing in Stage Rallying.

Track Days

Grassroots Motorsports looks into the question, Track days: Is there such a thing as too safe?

“After a good friend successfully survived a major fire during a high-profile race, he dropped a tidbit of knowledge that has lived rent-free in our brains ever since: “Fire burns just as hot on a test day as on race day.” In other words, any time you’re in a car at speed on track, your risk of injury–or worse–increases. Those walls are just as hard, that fire is just as fiery, and a disaster is just as disastrous whether the clocks are running or not.”

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