Why Sim Racing is an Indispensable Tool in Motorsport

This week a Porsche Supercup driver explains why sim racing is an indispensable tool in motorsport. You will also get Porsche’s thoughts on esports and details on an expansion of sim racing in this year’s edition of the Motorsport Games.

All this and much more in this week’s edition of the Sim Racing Roundup on Motorsport Prospects. Its sim racing news for racers not gamers.

From Sim Racing to the Real Thing

Sim Racing Roundup

This article is in Dutch so unless you speak Dutch you will need to use a translation tool to read it but it once again demonstrates the validity of the sim racing to real-world motorsport transition. Dutch Porsche Supercup racer Larry ten Voorde explains how sim racing has become an indispensable tool in motorsport.

In conversation with Motorsport.com, the two-time Porsche Supercup champion discusses his own sim racing past, how he helps ‘translate’ the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (992) from the real circuit to the virtual world and why he ‘strongly believes’ that sim racers can go far in motorsport.”

Porsche Motorsport

In a wide-ranging interview in BlackBook Motorsport, Director of Motorsport sales at Porsche Motorsport Michael Dreiser explains where esports and sim racing fit into the motorsport picture.

I do believe that esports will play a big role in helping to create the general awareness and interest in motorsport – especially with the younger generations. We also see some really great talent developing there. It would be unfair to compare it directly with the real world, where the industry has had one hundred years to develop. Esports is still in its early developing stage, and there is still great potential.”

Competitive Sim Racing News

Here are some headlines from the world of competitive sim racing.

Sim Racing Roundup

Sim Racing Tech Roundup

Here is a roundup of the latest sim racing tech news, reviews, and recommendations from around the world.

Sim Racing Roundup

The 2024 Sim Formula Europe saw many major Sim Racing brands & manufacturers unveil new products, hardware & software. We tested prototypes, brand new wheels and wheelbases as well as an exclusive driving test in The Last Garage’s new tech demo. Watch a review in the video above.

General Sim Racing News

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