5 Emerging Sponsorship Categories

Five emerging sponsorship categories are part of this week’s Business of Being a Race Driver as the idea of thinking ahead can make the difference between landing a sponsor or not.

I also feature a motorsport sponsorship masterclass, tips on building your brand and how one race driver used social media to advance her racing career.

All this and much more in this week’s edition of The Business of Being a Race Driver on Motorsport Prospects.

The Business of Racing

From the Driver’s Point of View

5 Emerging Sponsorship Categories

In the video above, Enzo Mucci conducted a masterclass in how to find motorsport sponsorship featuring Dino Zamparelli, Brian Sims & guests. “This time we pick the brains of race driver Dino Zamparelli and sponsorship guru Brian Sims on how they get sponsorship for themselves and other drivers. We also have 2 guests asking their sponsorship questions. Thank you Wayne Lee and Marcus Lawson for joining us.”

Episode 152 of the Motorsport Coaching Podcast, Belinda of MotiV8 Training talks to athlete branding expert, Charlotte Woods from The Brand Builders about how to grow your brand and leverage it to secure your future. You can listen to the episode here.

Sponsorship is always evolving and Navigate has a look at 5 Emerging Sponsorship Categories that you may want to consider in your sponsorship acquisition efforts. “With the sport sponsorship market more competitive than ever, properties are in search of unique opportunities to provide much-needed differentiation to their sponsorship portfolios. As new brands also look to establish market share through sport sponsorship, we felt it was timely to compile five tech-based sponsorship categories that you should monitor throughout the rest of the year. As additional categories emerge, we will continue to release additional updates in this content series.”

The Business of Being a Race Driver
Credit: Natasha Tennyson

Sabré Cook explains in her LinkedIn article How Social Media Revved Up My Racing Career. “Aside from being a racecar driver, I’m a mechanical engineer – I’m a very Type A, analytical, introverted person by nature. So, the idea of posting my life on social media day after day had my skin crawling. With complete transparency I can say it’s still not an activity I particularly enjoy doing. But that’s life! Doing things that drag us out of our comfort zone, things we don’t like to do, are actions we must endure to achieve our goals.”

Eddie Garrison explains the crucial role that the email subject lines plays in your email marketing efforts. “First impressions matter, and subject lines are your email’s initial handshake. They’re the gateway to your content, determining whether your message will be engaged with or discarded. An intriguing subject line entices recipients to click, while a lackluster one risks relegating your efforts to the dreaded spam folder.”

Having a side-hustle can definitely help with raising your racing budget. Planet F1 explains how Lando Norris has revealed he was “a little hustler” through his junior racing days, by designing and selling custom visor stickers to other drivers.

From the Sponsor’s Point of View

One of Sport Dimension’s most popular blog posts has been formatted into an e-book by Ryan Shehan Racing called Turbocharge your Organization with Motorsports Sponsorship Marketing. Ryan is a talented, up-and-coming formula racer that is building his business platform with the right partnerships and activation. Download the full book today. https://hubs.la/Q01YPYp00

General Motorsport Marketing Advice & Resources

If you have not checked this out in the past, I urge you to have a look at Sport Dimensions Definitive Guide to Motorsports Marketing. “The $6 billion world of motorsports marketing is a challenging, rich and intensely exciting realm to operate in. Some of the largest brands in the world have built their presence from simple grassroots programs to dynamic, multi-series dynasties. From the outside looking in, they make it look easy. But for marketing managers, executives, and those interested in working with motorsports sponsorship programs to market their business it can quickly become overwhelming without the right know-how and support in your corner.”

The Costs of Racing

Ace Championship Powerpack

Motorsport Magazine has an interesting feature on the plans of junior electric race series Ace Championship, set to launch in August 2024. “The alternative junior discipline, which plans to be run in compressed three-month championships – each one in a different continent – will offer scholarships to six drivers, while others only have to bring a budget roughly a quarter of someone competing in a typical Formula 3 season, equivalent to ‘only’ £300k.”

Mark Boudreau
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