Honing Your Real-Life Skills in Sim Racing

Can you use sim racing to hone your real-life skills? Yes, and this week you will find out what two current drivers who couldn’t agree more.

I also feature a video on how sim racing and sustainable motorsport have combined for one unforgettable real-life racing experience, iRacing tips for beginners and how to correctly place your steering wheel in your sim racing rig.

All this and more in this week’s Sim Racing Roundup on Motorsport Prospects. Its sim racing news for racers not gamers.

From Sim Racing to the Real Thing

Here is Part 1 of Sustainable Orange’s Oz Maliphant and his journey in testing the all-electric ERA F110E single-seater race car.

I got the opportunity to test the ERA all electric F110E single seat race car last weekend!

I had previously built this car in assetto corsa because I was so excited by the prospect of an electric single seater racing car! I spent hundreds of laps throwing it around Circuit Zolder in virtual reality, but nothing had prepared me for doing it for real!

During the week of 28th August, the ERA championship in collaboration with Software AG, the title sponsor of the series, held a hackathon at their workshop in Belgium. I was invited to take part in the event which had a focus on building never before seen technology into a racing series.

This is what happened over the first 4 days of the hackathon and first part of the time at the circuit on day 5!

Huge thanks to the ERA championship for allowing me the opportunity. This video was produces in collaboration with the ERA championship and race school.

For more information about the ERA and for your chance to drive this car at their race school visit http://www.erachampionship.com

Oz also wrote about his experience driving the F110E this week on Motorsport Prospects. You can read his post about it here: Driving Impressions of the All-Electric ERA F110E.

Honing Your Real-Life Skills in Sim Racing

Last week I posted a video interview with GB3 driver Max Esterson as he discussed his transition from iRacing to the real thing. This week I am posting the article How Max Esterson went from iRacing to winning in GB3 that goes into a bit more detail.

Sim Racing Roundup

The Irish Times asks the question, Can video games actually upskill our kids? “Nissan’s electric Formula E Team race driver Sacha Fenestraz and sim driver Luca Ghiotto both say that time spent playing driving games when they were younger has helped them hone essential skills such as dexterity, concentration and stress management that they now use in their full-time jobs.”

Honing Your Real-Life Skills in Sim Racing

Alistair Charlton of Forbes drives an F1 car in the Dynisma DMG-1 sim rig and he is more than impressed.

The DMG-1 was already heralded by journalists who sat here before me as the world’s greatest and most realistic driving simulator. It’s easy to see why. While I’ve not driven an actual F1 car, I have been fortunate enough to try out the Mercedes-AMG team’s driver-in-loop simulator – the same Lewis Hamilton uses to learn new circuits – and I’ve spent a few hours driving virtual Formula cars at Base Performance Simulators, the sim business run by Le Mans winner Darren Turner.

Both were mighty impressive, but where Dynisma says its technology stands apart is in that moment right at the start, where I caught the slide without really thinking about it. It was partly blind luck, of course, but what’s key here is the DMG-1’s latency, or rather lack of it.

The World’s Best Simulator? Driving An F1 Car In The Dynisma DMG-1

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Sim Racing Tips & Techniques

Sim Racing Roundup

You may be new to sim racing and are wondering where to start. If so, in Go auto racing, but break nothing!, Car Buyer Magazine looks at where to start and how.

Sim Racing Roundup

The Coach Dave Academy has tons of great resources for sim racers including a number of car-specific set-up guides. Here are just a few:

Check out these free rFactor 2 BTCC set-ups from Traxion.GG. “With the rise of Low Fuel Motorsport (LFM) and other online sim racing platforms the BTCC cars have grown in popularity, and with that popularity comes a demand for set-ups to help tame these tricky touring cars.”

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Here is a roundup of the latest sim racing tech news and reviews from around the world.

Sim Racing Roundup

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Sim Racing Roundup

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