Parents in the Pits – In Conversation with Kayleigh Hilborn

Reading Time: 5 minutes In the second installment of Parents in the Pits (you can read the first installment here) I speak to Kayleigh Hilborn, mother to 9 year old karter Caleb. While we talk about all the usual subjects like scheduling, the cost of karting and the like, Kayleigh and Caleb have to deal with an additional issue … Read more

Motivation is the key to everything – In Conversation with Driver Coach Enzo Mucci

Reading Time: 8 minutes This week we speak to Enzo Mucci, aka The Race Driver Coach and I think the headline is key. If you watch any of Enzo’s videos on YouTube you will understand why he thinks motivation is such a key to success whether it be on the track or in life in general. Driving a race … Read more

Fit for Purpose – Exploring the Role of the Lawyer in Motorsport with Genevieve Gordon Part 2

Reading Time: 7 minutes Last week in Part 1 of our interview with lawyer Genevieve Gordon of Tactic Connect we discussed topics such as when a driver should engage a lawyer, how to do so and why it is important. You can read Part 1 here. In Part 2 we get into more detail about how to find a … Read more

Fit for Purpose – Exploring the Role of the Lawyer in Motorsport with Genevieve Gordon Part 1

Reading Time: 8 minutes Motorsport, like all things in life is governed in some way or other by the rule of law. How the law impacts the sport is of critical importance to drivers, team and series officials and anybody else involved in the motorsport ecosystem. To get a better idea of the role of the lawyer in motorsport … Read more

A Discussion about the Role of the Gentleman Driver with Johnny Mowlem

Reading Time: 5 minutes There is much confusion about what a “gentleman” driver is and their role within motorsport. As it is an area Motorsport Prospects will be exploring in the near future and to to gain a bit more clarity, I talked to professional race car driver and motorsport consultant Johnny Mowlem to get some answers. Motorsport Prospects: … Read more

The Eyes are the Keys to it All – In Conversation with Professional Race Car Driver and Driver Coach Tom Long

Reading Time: 7 minutes I recently spoke to race driver coach Tom Long about the importance of building a base of race craft knowledge not specific to any one car, why he feels the Global MX-5 Cup is an excellent development series for young drivers, the importance of networking at the track and more. Motorsport Prospects: What is your … Read more

The Mid-Season Wrap Up of What has been Happening on Motorsport Prospects Part 2

Reading Time: 3 minutes So last week I talked a bit about what has been going on at Motorsport Prospects in the first half of the year with a focus on the Motorsport Prospects Blog and all the great motorsport content that has been available since January. If you missed the post you can read it here. For this … Read more

Bob Yusko of Go Bobby Web Hosts Discusses what Businesses are Looking for when Sponsoring Drivers

Reading Time: 6 minutes In the search for sponsorship, it is of the utmost importance to understand what your sponsors do and how they do it if you want to be successful in partnering with them. Companies do not sponsor race drivers because they are in the business of sponsoring racing drivers, they sponsor race drivers because it is … Read more

Talking Race Car Driver Fitness with Jim Leo of PitFit Training

Reading Time: 6 minutes Fitness is something we have talked about before on the Motorsport Prospects blog because it is of such importance that it cannot be overemphasized and when it comes to motorsport and fitness the name Jim Leo and his company PitFit Training are always part of the conversation. Jim was gracious enough to spend some time … Read more

She’s Young, Fast and Racing in Europe – In Conversation with Megan Gilkes

Reading Time: 9 minutes The brand new female-only W Series has brought increased attention to the topic of women in motorsport. While some are against the series and some are in favour, you cannot deny that what they have managed to do in such a short amount of time is to create a thoroughly professional development race series that … Read more

Mental Health in Motorsports: Is it Time for Change?​

Reading Time: 4 minutes This is a guest post by motorsport writer Josie Smith from the blog Into the Kitty Litter. While it was published on July 9, 2018 it still resonates today and so I asked Josie if I could repost it in its entirety to which she agreed. If you enjoy F1 and MotoGP then I encourage … Read more

Racing in Asia – A Chat with Professional Race Car Driver and Driver Coach Dan Wells

Reading Time: 7 minutes This week’s Motorsport Prospects feature is an interview with Hong Kong-based driver and driver coach Dan Wells. With the increasing popularity of racing in China and the growth of development series in the region such as Asian Formula Renault, Chinese and Southeast Asian F4, Asian F3 and the Blancpain GT World Challenge Asia, I thought … Read more

Parents in the Pits – In Conversation with Russ Dykstra

Reading Time: 9 minutes Welcome to the first edition of an occasional series I call Parents in the Pits. In this series I put the focus strictly on racing parents as they juggle family life, parenting, the demands of motorsport and the lessons they have learned along the way. The goal is to be positive yet realistic and hopefully … Read more

Sponsorship, Developing Race Car Drivers and the Importance of People in a Race Team – An Interview with Phil Picard of Momentum Motorsports

Reading Time: 11 minutes Choosing a racing team to invest your (or more likely your parents!) hard earned money is a very serious decision with vast implications for your motorsport career. Choose wisely and you will learn and grow as a driver. Choose unwisely and you could have potentially ruined your potential to become a professional driver. This is … Read more

Are You Operating at your Peak Performance? An Interview with Carlos Salum

Reading Time: 5 minutes Mental conditioning is as important as physical conditioning. Training your mind is as crucial for success on the race track as conditioning the body. In this interview I speak to Carlos Salum of Salum International about the concept of “Peak Performance” and why it is so crucial to the success of a race car driver. … Read more

Why Young Drivers Should Consider the New Saleen Cup in their Career Plans

Reading Time: 5 minutes Young drivers face a multitude of questions and complications when deciding on their racing career plans. Ultimately they need to decide what it is that they want to do and what it is they can afford to do. My recommendation has always been to be open to as many options as you can which is … Read more

He’s 15 and he races sports cars – A chat with Steven Aghakhani

Reading Time: 6 minutes One of the best opportunities for young drivers is in sports cars and no driver better proves this than Steven Aghakani. Recently I was able to interview Steven about his career so far and what its like to drive a Lamborghini and Mercedes GT3 car. I also asked his dad Armik about licensing at Steven’s … Read more

In Conversation with Mick Kouros of Fortec Motorsports

Reading Time: 4 minutes Fortec Motorsports is one of the most experienced, successful and professional racing teams currently racing in single-seater driver development. I recently had a chat with Senior Team Engineer Mick Kouros while he was in New Zealand for the Toyota Racing Series to gain a bit of insight of what a team like Fortec looks for … Read more

In Conversation with Richard Ollerenshaw of Hillspeed Racing

Reading Time: 9 minutes With a new racing season just around the corner, teams are anxiously working on putting together their driver lineups for 2019. One such team is Hillspeed Racing, competing in the BRDC Formula 3 series in the UK. I spoke to Richard Ollerenshaw, Team Principal of Hillspeed on what they are looking for in a driver, … Read more