Opportunities to Race Within Your Budget

This week I bring you details on some opportunities to race within your budget both in the UK and North America.

I also give you a good reason to attend the Performance Racing Industry trade show next month. It’s all here in the Business of Being a Race Driver Roundup on Motorsport Prospects. Its news racers on a budget can use.

The Business of Racing

From the Driver’s Point of View

The Business of Being a Race Driver

At this year’s Performance Racing Industry trade show taking place December 7-9 in Indianapolis, there are two seminars that you may want to attend on maximizing sponsorship dollars with expert advice from authority Alex Striler.

Here are the details:

Whether you’re a seasoned racer or just entering motorsports, there’s something undeniably essential that can make or break your racing career—sponsorships. We’ve curated two powerful sessions that will not only guide you on acquiring sponsorships but will also ensure you’re leveraging today’s digital tools to maximize value for your sponsors. Don’t miss these two educational seminars with one of our most popular sponsorship presenters, Sponsorship Summits host, and bestselling author of “Motorsports Marketing and Sponsorships,” Alex Striler, and his guests.

“Networking, Prospecting, and Meeting New Sponsors”

Friday, December 8: 2 p.m. – 3 p.m.

ICC Meeting Rooms 231 – 232

Everyone in racing understands the struggles. You’re out there giving your best performance on the track, burning rubber, and hitting those turns just right. But off the track, there’s another race—the daunting challenge of securing sponsorships.

No more shooting in the dark or waiting on unanswered emails. This is your chance to meet some influential sponsors up-close and in-person. Discover firsthand how to present yourself at events like the SEMA and PRI Shows or iconic races like the Chili Bowl, Daytona 500, and the Mint 400. Our panel, featuring seasoned marketing pros and sponsorship decision-makers, will give you the real talk on connecting with sponsorship decision-makers. It’s all about building trust and understanding before you make the big ask.

In Friday’s seminar, you’ll meet:

Alex Striler, bestselling author and host of SponsorshipSummits.com

Jacklyn Donahue, group marketing manager-Aftermarket, Nittera North America (NGK)

Chris Dickerson, president, Horizon Hobby

Julian Gill, CEO, Eibach Springs

JR Twedt, president, K1 Race Gear

Striler will interview the executives who allocate funds and have heard thousands of pitches and received countless decks and proposals. These experienced pros will help you understand how to find and meet new sponsors. But securing a meeting is only half the battle. The real challenge is to make a good impression. The panelists will explain what catches their attention in a deck, what they value in a proposal, what they’re looking for, and the best ways to get that information to them.

In the world of sponsorships, one right move can set you on the path to success, while a single misstep can close doors. Equip yourself with the knowledge to always put your best foot forward.

Getting sponsors isn’t about cold calls, emails, or templated proposals. It’s about meeting the right people, building relationships, understanding needs, and customizing a win-win partnership for everyone involved.

Seats are limited and trust us, they fill up fast! Arrive early and buckle up for some mind-blowing insights. Stick around after; there’s a good chance you’ll get some one-on-one time with Striler and the panelists to answer your personal questions.

“Using Social Media & Technology to Create Value for Sponsors”

Saturday, December 9: 10 a.m. – 11 a.m.

ICC Meeting Rooms 240 – 241

The digital revolution is in full throttle. We’re in an era where social media isn’t just about posting your breakfast pics or vacation snaps. It’s the new-age race track, where visibility equals success, and your online brand persona can attract the sponsorships you dream about.

As the name suggests, this session is designed to make you a pro in the digital world. Sponsorship guru Alex Striler and social media coach Megan Meyer will unravel the latest digital tools, from algorithms to analytics. They will explore tools designed to catapult your online presence and create digital value. Discover how to increase your worth in the eyes of potential sponsors.

Social media isn’t just about follower count. It’s about impactful content and connecting with the right audience. Learn why expansive platforms are overshadowing restrictive ones, and how to strategically position yourself for maximum visibility. Your online reputation can resonate louder than the roar of a race car engine. Equip yourself to maximize the digital tools at your disposal. Go beyond generic posts. Create content that not only amplifies your brand but also showcases the immense value you offer to sponsors (and yourself).

If you don’t have a lot of social media followers, it doesn’t matter anymore. The new algorithms today reward content, not connections. As [YouTube star] Mr. Beast says, “Replace the word ‘algorithm’ with ‘audience,’ and that’s what makes your content go viral.” Give the audience something they want to see, and they will share it, which gets picked up by the algorithms.

Steer your racing career toward unparalleled success. Join us as we demystify sponsorships and navigate the fast-paced lanes of social media and technology. Together, let’s make your racing dream a well-funded reality with long-term sponsorship support.

Remember, in today’s world, racing isn’t just about speed—it’s about making the right connections, both online and off. After the session, grab the opportunity for a personal Q&A with Striler and Meyer. We look forward to seeing you there!

These two PRI Education seminars are not merely presentations, they’re transformative experiences. Your next big sponsor might just be a conversation away, or your online strategy might just need that one tweak to go viral.

Check out SponsorshipSummits.com and MotorsportsMarketingTips.com for more information.

If you are planning on attending the PRI show (or any other trade show for that matter), networking is key. Here are some tips:

If you are new to News Racers Can Use here at Motorsport Prospects and specifically my Business of Being a Race Driver column, you may have missed some incredible content that I have curated from the most knowledgeable motorsport professionals covering motorsport marketing and sponsorship.

Here are more articles for you to review that you may have overlooked. I have been featuring highlights from the Business of Being a Race Driver column every week as this information is still effective and valuable. Here are a few more. As they say, knowledge is power!

The Costs of Racing

CityCar Cup Championship

Any driver that takes their ARDS Test with The Motorsports School in the CityCar Cup car and then decides to join the championship, will be eligible for free CityCar Cup Championship registration courtesy of Nankang Tyre UK.

CityCar Cup delivers a brilliant platform for new drivers to learn their racing and to develop their skills without spending fortunes. To allow new drivers to get first-hand experience of the CityCar Cup cars and what they are like to drive, the BRSCC in partnership with Nankang Tyres is delighted to announce that the Club has donated a fully race ready example to The Motorsports School which will be used by them to carry out ARDS training and driver evaluations. Anyone signing up to take an ARDS test with The Motorsports School in future will be given the opportunity to do so in this fully fledged little CityCar Cup race car.”

Entries for the 2024 Skip Barber Formula Race Series are now open. In 2024, the overall champion of the Skip Barber Formula Race Series will be offered a scholarship valued at $100,000 to advance to USF Juniors in the following season. The champion in the series’ Master’s class will be offered a full-season scholarship to compete in the 2025 Skip Barber Formula Race Series.

Expert race coaching from Skip Barber Instructors, new Skip Barber Formula Race Cars, true arrive-and-drive format, and the amenities of a professional race weekend. Get the full details here.

The Andersen Promotions-owned USF Pro 2000, USF2000 and USF Juniors series have unveiled their 2024 calendars and scholarships. Winning next year’s USF Juniors title will award a driver $263,7000, up from $248,815 this year, to spend on a USF2000 seat for 2025. Becoming USF2000 champion earns a driver $458,400 (up from $440,125) to spend on stepping up to USFP2000, then the USFP2000 champion will recieve $681,500 (up from $664,425) to fund a move up to Indy Nxt.

Next year will be significant for the junior series since they switch rubber supplier to Continental Tire after a long-running partnership and supply deal with Cooper Tires.

The already high and ever-increasing cost of competing in motorsport at a young age is limiting diversity according to an article by the BBC. “A recent report from the BBC highlighted the journey of Dhian Singh Pahal, whose father is trying to compete against “multi-millionaires” to help his son onto the motorsport ladder. Motorsport UK told BBC Asian Network the number of ethnically diverse people that work in the industry equates to less than 3%.”

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