Branding in motorsport

How B2B Relationships Work in Motorsport

B2B Relationships

How B2B relationships work in motorsport is critical to understand to better prepare your sponsorship proposal to address a business need. This is just one of the articles linked to in this week’s The Business of Being a Race Driver. I also have tips on how to increase your value proposition, the value of sponsorship … Read more

How Toni Breidinger Uses New Sponsors to Build Her Brand

Toni Breidinger

This week I look at how race driver Toni Breidinger works hard to bring in new sponsors that will help her grow her racing career. I also bring you a guide to branding, a look at the sponsorship proposal process and how Scott Dixon funded his racing career. All this and more in this week’s … Read more

Be Consistent Off the Track as Well as On

Be Consistent Off the Track as Well as On

Be consistent off the track as well as on it sounds like solid advice, at least the on-track part does but off it? Well as Eddie Garrison points out in his article that I link to in today’s The Business of Being a Race Driver column, it is vital for businesses to be consistent in … Read more

Networking Done Right and More Race Driver Business Advice

PRI trade Show

Networking is the key to success in any business and just as much so in the Business of Being a Race Driver. Whether at a trade show, at the track or even in a social situation, your skill at networking will help determine how successful you are in getting (and keeping) sponsors. This week I … Read more