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Motorsport Sponsorship Mistakes to Avoid

Making a mistake

This week you are going to learn what motorsport sponsorship mistakes to avoid as you pursue The Business of Being a Race Driver. You will also learn the top 7 mistakes young race car drivers should avoid, a guide for business’s interested in sponsoring women’s sports and a definitive guide to motorsport marketing. All this … Read more

The Difference Between Sponsors and Investors

Lando Norris Cockpit

This week I bring you the details on the difference between a sponsor and an investor after you learned in last week’s The Business of Being a Race Driver how sponsors are not in fact the same as investors. I also bring you tips on building your confidence, how to develop your brand and a … Read more

Why Sponsors are Not Investors

Ferrari Challenge Car

This week you will find out why sponsors are not investors in addition to getting more race driver business advice. I also bring you a week behind the scenes in the life of professional race driver Sabré Cook, more tips on developing your brand and whether you can get motorsport sponsorship even if the series … Read more

Tips On Building Your Race Driver Brand

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Tips on building your race driver brand kicks off this week’s Business of Being a Race Driver. I also bring you actionable advice for getting race sponsorship, details on the release of a newly revised book on motorsport sponsorship for the race driver and how a company should define a sports sponsorship budget. All this … Read more

Leveraging Your Current Partnerships and More Race Driver Business Advice

Spire Motorsports Car

Leveraging your current partnerships is so important as these partners already know and understand your value. This week in The Business of Being a Race Driver, I bring you details on a 3-Day Challenge that looks at how to leverage these partnerships. I also bring you 3 branding mistakes you must not make, how to … Read more